‘First Women: The Grace and Power of America's’ Weekend picks for book lovers

Book lovers include a new book about America's modern first ladies, and the companion volume to the Broadway hit, Hamilton. Author by Kate Andersen Brower First Women: The Grace and Power of America's is a non-fiction book published Harper. In First Women, author Kate Andersen Brower lifts the curtain of secrecy that shields the women who have lived in the White House from Jacqueline Kennedy through Michelle Obama, and shows the bonds, tensions and personal tests that connect them. "What makes them so compelling is their shared humanity, their imperfection, Brower writes.The role of a presidential spouse is difficult, hard to quantify and often viewed through a lens of sexism. Because they are so often involved in the softer sides of policy — mental health or beautification or fitness — first ladies seem fodder for the lifestyle sections of websites, newspapers or magazines. They don't really do anything, do they? But their influence outweighs any government official's. They are usually the first and last people a president sees each day, and their support or scorn can boost a government initiative or doom it. Ronald Reagan's crusade to limit nuclear weapons may have failed if not for his wife's enthusiastic support. And woe betide a staff member who gets on the wrong side of a first lady. This book available all online bookstore. If any one want to read this book he can buy books online & read it.

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