Book review: Story Shots & Poetry Pints

Writer Akhilesh Panigrahi had much less to think before climbing up the altar to release his debut book ‘Story Shots & Poetry Pints’. His book has created a shattering buzz on the social media with its intoxicating literature and eccentric stories.
It is a compilation of short stories and poetry soaked in emotions of love, separation, romance, musical journeys, unexpressed liking, motherhood, environmental awareness, homosexuality in the fashion world, breaking professional stereotypes to travel, passion and scads of encrypted conspiracies of life. The poetry reflects the sundry romantic notes, celebrating festivities in the nooks and crannies of Kolkata and much more.
A paragraph from the story is quoted, “Reyhna was with Natasha for a night house party to enjoy a few gulps of whisky. Natasha was a model and had been a close friend of the twin sisters for long. Natasha and Reyhna were profusely drunk. She suggested Reyhna to stay at her flat. The two girls were attracted to each other physically in-between the talks. Natasha came closer to give a peck on her lips. They were aroused and kissed each other passionately. They slept together and made love. A plethora of emotions were spilled haphazardly within their minds. When they woke up in morning, Natasha was apologetic to her for initiating the act. Reyhna admitted they were equally liable for the scandalous act.”
There is a story called ‘Seven Hues of Life’ which describes the journey of a guy who leaves behind a clichéd professional life to travel the world, enjoy his passion for photography and experience different jobs in different locations of the country. He meets up a similar kind of girl in the journey as the story unfolds.

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