Punjabi book `Dasam Granth Vich Myth Rupantran’ release

IN the opening page of his latest book, Dasam Granth Vich Rupantran, writer Manmohan, in a quote by Greek architect, Constantinos A Doxiadis, succinctly gives a summation of the pages ahead. “I am very often asked why I insist on working in theory and in practise. I need to travel in both rationale and impirical world… why I insist on action… and I answer, how else can I learn”, reads the quote. “I am a knowledge seeker. I feel one cannot reject any text without logic, else we will become tradition-less and uncontextual.” says the poet, novelist, critic and linguist of Punjabi literature. Also the joint director, Intelligence Bureau, Manmohan released his book at Press Club on Wednesday. After released the book available at over all online bookstore. Any one buy book online....
                           Mired in controversy over its authenticity and origins, the Dasam Granth, some scholars believe, contain the works of religious hymns penned by Guru Gobind Singh, while the mythological writings by court poets of the Guru. “This is a controversial as well as an intelligent text. In this book, the mythological elements have been used as material to understand the creative process of the poetry of the Dasam Granth, so that the transformation of the myths could be probed. For instance, how Durga, a mythological entity, has been transformed as Chandi,” says Manmohan, whose book is an extension of his PhD thesis on the same while he was in college. In it, he has researched into the 16 poems, but has not touched the controversial bits of the Granth. With eight anthologies of poems in Punjabi and Hindi to his name, and books like Nirvaan and Samvadki, this Sahatiya Akademi Award winner is now working on another book titled, Bhashki.

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