Best Tragedy & Love Novel Of The World

In literature Love and tragedies go hand in hand. Seriously I think barring some light romance books, majority of the well know love stories are tragedies. If we look at Hindi literature, the two of the very few romance novels of Hindi, Gunaho Ka Devta and Kasap are tragedies of love.
There are so many tragedy books online and you must have read a lot them. But now, what I am going to tell you is the book which I find as the best tragedy novel ever.
It is a biography of a legend, but the legend that could never live a life of even a simple man and died struggling with his consecutive worldly failures. Yes, I am talking about the book, Lust For Life by IrwingStone, a biography of legendary painter, Vincent Van Gogh.
Today if I accidentally manage to own any one of his paintings, I think I will not have to work rest of my life and could spend life in a luxury by just selling that painting. But how paradoxical is when we learn about the life of that painter who painted it, he struggled for everything almost everything throughout his life.
Once in the book, Irwing quotes Van Gogh as, “It's so easy to love. The only hard thing is to be loved”—this is the zest of Vincent’s life, every other woman who comes to his life goes away, leaving him empty and they go away not because Vincent is bad, but because he is poor, he in poverty. On several occasions, he had to remain empty stomach due to poverty. He has to struggle, every day for his art and he dies in the same struggle…
This may sound a bit too much trag
ic, but this too much is even less when we try to imagine the real life situations of that painter. Now, years after his death he is a legend. Art galleries earn by selling, reselling his paintings, his paintings which were considered to be of no use when he lived.
Another interesting aspect of this book is the way it has been written, it never gives a feel that it is biography. It remains as interesting as a fiction novel but touches every inch and corner of our heart.
Don’t believe me, give a try, go ahead and buy books online, read it and them make your mind. You will never be able to forget Vincent rest of your life.

(Views are personal; there could be other better tragedy novels too)

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