‘Bollywood Deception’ must read

Bollywood starlets are being murdered, and horrendously. While that is admittedly bad news for their families, it is most excellent news for Kas Batterywala, proprietor of a private detective agency, which is nevertheless soon to be defunct. Having recently hired the formidable suspended army doctor Kasturi Pandey, Kas and his new partner Kassata (named thus at her own insistence) find themselves embroiled in a case that threatens to unravel the pseudo sanskriti that is Tinseltown.
Kas has his own demons to deal with when he returns to the city of dreams, the most problematic of which is being a former Anti Terrorist Squad officer. Meanwhile, Kasturi aka Kassata has been suspended from the front lines of Kashmir, where she had served as a military doctor, following her overzealousness in the line of duty. The reason for her suspension? She had “guided a dying army officer’s hand to her left breast and let him squeeze”, on the plea that he had never kissed a girl (funhouse mirror shades of Turgenev here). Kas’s own reason for doing what she did is more ignoble; and a turning point. To know more, though, you really must read the book.‘Bollywood Deception’ by the Juggi Bhasin Buy books online at any online bookstore with huge discounts.

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