‘Fool Me Once’ book of the mystery

Book Name – Fool Me Once

Author – Harlan Coben

Publisher – Century

Pages – 390

Price – Rs 396

 Former army captain, Maya Burkett is in need of a lot of things. She needs a shrink to help her with her combat-related PTSD; she needs to be a good mother to her two-year-old daughter following her husband’s murder; and she has to be a support system for her niece and nephew, whose mother, her sister, was brutally killed recently. A friend’s gift of a nanny-cam affords her a digital glimpse of her supposedly-deceased spouse, alive and kicking. Another shocker comes when the police reveal that her husband and sister were killed with the same pistol. Given her gun enthusiasm, suspicion falls on Maya. Backed into a corner and unsure of who to trust, she battles to prove her innocence and unravel the mystery of her husband’s apparent resurrection. Other books of Harlan Coben for sale at all online bookstore, any one buy books online.

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