Love In The Time of Twitter: How twitter helped celebrated romance writer of India, Durjoy Datta propose his girlfriend

It was 10.56 pm on February 22, when Durjoy Datta –the author of more than a dozen bestsellers like Of Course I love You, Now That’s I am Rich Lets Fall in Love, Our Impossible Love and others— tweeted ‘Hi I am online for the next two hours. Because i need to tell you guys something’ turning all the curious eyeballs to his side.

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The next tweet was, ‘I'm in love with a girl. Not surprisingly her name is. @avanttika! She has inspired almost every woman character of mine!’
She's on a flight that's going to land in another two hours. Let's bully her into saying yes to my proposal? #marrymeavantika, was his third tweet.
As soon as it came, the hashtag #marrymeavantika started trending. Soon another hashtag #marryhimavantika also started trending wherein fans of the author were seen persuading @avantika to marry him.

The noted author went on to say ‘Of course she’s the reason why all my female characters' name start from A! And always will…’ and that seems quite true, not only the names of female characters start with A, but the lead character of his bestseller novel, ‘If It's Not Forever. It's Not Love’ was named Avantika.
The author’s way of proposing his girlfriend not only won her heart as she accepted the proposal but also won a thousand hearts for the beloved novelist, however some also subtly criticized the author. Huffington Post India hinted twitted, ‘We can't tell if this is a marketing stunt, but you can follow some live marriage proposal action underway on author @durjoydatta's TL.’ The author was quick to reply that it’s not a stunt.
Well if we can buy books online, read books online why can’t a novelist propose online? Durjoy Datta already clarified that he is getting married to his girlfriend in a week’s time, ‘But I want her to come to the wedding thinking I made an effort’.
If we can argue, raise voice on social issues, talk about government policies, etc on twitter why can’t we make our loved ones feel happy via twitter.

Ultimately the author got married his girlfriend on March 1. Have a blessed married life!!!

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