“Mantras for Success: India’s Greatest CEOs Tell You How to Win” released in london

Top leaders of the corporate world share the ideas and ethical codes that helped them scale heights in the cut-and-thrust world of Indian business in a new book released by Britain’s universities and science minister Jo Johnson at the London School of Economics.
Written by Suhel Seth with journalist Sunny Sen, “Mantras for Success: India’s Greatest CEOs Tell You How to Win” is a chronicle of what the author described as the “personal and professional eco-systems” of 21 Indian CEOs.
The book release on Thursday was followed by a panel discussion that featured Seth, Johnson, Indian high commissioner Navtej Sarna and LSE academic Mukulika Banerjee. Each chapter focussing on a CEO includes a listing of the individual’s mantras for success.
Noting that few such chronicles exist, Seth said there were no accounts of success stories and lessons learnt in Indian business. The book, he said, included the mantras for success of CEOs such as Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Kunal Bahl.
Seth said: “India over the last two years has improved magnificently in ease of doing business. There are winds of change but we have miles to travel before we sleep. The idea was to make this book help people understand the ways of doing business in India. According to seth the books available at all online bookstore & anyone buy books online.

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