The 5 books that were banned in India

Literature is the reflection of our society and society is not always sweet and simple. Thus, books creating controversies is not uncommon; here we are going to present five books which were banned in India. However these are now available at almost all the online bookstores where you can buy books online.  

The book as the name suggests claims to portray the second perspective of Hindu religion is written by Wendy Doniger. The opponents and religious leaders in India opposed the book saying that it hurts the sentiments of the Hindus. Subsequently this book was banned in February 2014.  Doniger is expert of Indian issues in USA. However, now this book is available in India and anyone can buy book online from the various online bookstores.

2. The Satanic Verses

This book by noted writer Salman Rushdie is one of the most controversial books of this century. The book led to a global controversy. Iranian religious leader Ayatullah Khomeni issued a fatwa against this book after it was published in year 1988. However, India was one of the first countries to ban this book, even before Khomeni issued fatwa. Following the controversy, Rushdie had to spent nearly a decade in oblivion due to security reasons. But he continued to protest the bans and fatwa as an attack on freedom of speech and creativity.

An Area of Darkness is written by Nobel laureate and English writer of Indian origin V S Naipaul. Naipaul raised questions on the social and economic developments of India. The book was based on his tours to various parts of the country. Various groups alleged that Naipaul has targeted Indian Culture and civilization. He called India as, “An Area Of Darkness’. Following protests and objections raised by various groups, the government of India banned this book in year 1964.

4. Nine hours to Rama

US author Stanley Wolpert penned this book, Nine Hours to Rama which was banned by government of India in year 1962. Stanley tried to depict the nine hours between the murder of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse in this book. This book created a lot of controversy. Stanley raised questions on security arrangements provided to Gandhi and controversy related to it. Later a film was also made on the book but both the book an
d film was banned in India. Notably, Stanley also wrote a book on Jinnah which was later banned in Pakistan.  

5. The Face of Mother India
The book written by US historian Catherine Mayo in year 1927 created a lot of political controversy in India. She said in the book that India is not eligible for independence. The book was so much in dispute that father of nation Mahatma Gandhi termed the book as ‘Report of Drain Inspector’. It was alleged that Catherine has attacked Indian society, religion and culture. This book was written against the demands of independence by Indian people. A big portion of the book was related to the marriage of Indian girls.

(Now most of these books are available in the market and any one can easily find and buy books online

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