Top 3 romantic novels of Hindi literature

There is certainly an acute dearth of romantic novels in Hindi language. When we try to think about the best romantic novels of Hindi literature, we start off quickly with few of them but after the three best Hindi romantic novels, we are forced to take a great pause.
If often happens that we buy books online from an online bookstore, considering a book to be of romance genre but it turns out to be a book on political, sociological conditions etc.
Though there is a dearth of romance novels but these three novels which we are going to discuss here are those novels which are a must for even a causal reader.
Hindi as a language is one of the richest on this earth and Hindi literature is equally prosperous. When it comes to love and romance writing in Hindi though there are less such novels, no other novel has the reputation as the under mentioned five books:-
'Kasap'-A soft and simple love story with the sweetness of Kumaoni language by Manohar Shyam Joshi.
The book is about an orphan boy who was brought up by his relatives. Like most of the orphan children who are brought up on the mercy of their relatives, he too is considered a fool, a semi-lunatic type. The beauty of the novel lies in its simplicity, in scene where the hero meets the heroine for the first time, unlike other romantic creations, this hero is in latrine!

It is usual love story with a tragic ending—but its unusualness and beauty lies in the author’s ability to present it.
The story presents the influence of people of different mindset on Chandar—the hero. His surroundings are influenced by three important ladies, Sudha, Binti & Pummi. The satire is created near around Prayag (Allahabad).
The entire story revolves around Sudha and Chandar’s love. The changes in situations, depiction of Chander’s mindsets and sacrifices of Sudha make it a immortal creation.

“This novel is for those who want to meditate; it is a meditator's novel. No other novel, neither by Tolstoy nor Chekhov, can be compared to it.” This is what Osho said about Nadi Ke Dweep.
Nadi ke Dweep is about the inner consciousness. It tries to explain that a separation can teach you life in a much deeper manner than togetherness. It tries to convey the value of a life lived in deep love. The novel which is woven around three characters, Bhuvan, Rekha and Gaura teaches us that true lesson of life is in separation not fulfillment.

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