Books To Read: Chronicles of A death Foretold – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Chronicles Of A Death Foretold is one of the masterpieces by Marquez in his same signature style. This is one among the books to read and remember the nuances of the narrative.
The book is about a murder that is going to happen. Everyone in the small Carribean town knows that Santiago Nasar would be murdered by Vicario twins.
The twins go on telling each and everyone that they are looking for Santiago Nasar to be murdered—the news become so common that no one believes it or no one thinks that Santiago Nasar is not knowing about it.
And no one tells him.
Apart from the one who is going to get murdered e
veryone in the town knows that he is going to get murdered.
Marquez’s visual style of writing paints a picture of the entire town that is preparing to welcome bishop and has just come out of a grand wedding party.
There is one point of time, when Santiago Nasar actually encounters the murderers that he is hearing voices from almost all sides telling him to escape because Vicario twins want to murder him. The voices are coming from so many directions that Nasar is perplexed about it.
A scene is in the book, just before Nasar’s murder outside his house that his friend who is one of the last persons to know about the murder, rushes to his home to alert him the doors of his house were kept open by the maid who also knew about the murder and thought that in case of emergency Nasar could enter the house, so she kept the door open.
But as his friends, enters the house in the dawn, she who could not see him entering has the perception that Nasar has entered the house and when Nasar actually tries to enter the house, she closes the door, thinking that Vicario twins are coming to murder him. And Nasar is killed at the door of his house. Marquez’s masterpiece is one of the best books to read.
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