Fantasy and Adventure exist in ‘Pataala Prophecy: Son Of Bhrigu’

The ‘Pataala Prophecy: Son Of Bhrigu’ is the first book in the series by author Christopher Doyle. It makes the reader land in a world where fantasy and adventure exist as parallel axes. As the plot unfolds one witnesses mythological characters finding themselves face to face with suspense and modern day murder that swings into action a thriller that keeps the reader enaged asking for more.
The prologue sets the mood for the book as it describes Napoleon Bonaparte’s eerie experience inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The cover is a bit, too, overwhelming for a mythological thriller given the terrifying photograph of a devilish figure. The story revolves around 15-year- old Maya and Arjun who find their world suddenly devastated when their favourite history teacher Dhananjay Trivedi is found murdered in his New Delhi home  baffling the police and students alike. Meanwhile, a mysterious reappearance of a stranger after 5,000 years strikes rattles a secret society called Sangha.
A conundrum forms as no one knows the origins of this personality. The narrative makes you wonder if they can overcome the ancient power and this is what makes the reader interested till the end. The language, despite being in a flow, falls flaccid at some sentences with clichés like “nameless fear in the depths of his heart”; the writer could have remoulded it.
In a race against time, Arjun and Maya must join forces with the Sangha to face an ancient and fiery enemy from the depths of Pataala. The storyline is set in present day timeline interwoven with Indian mythology and suspense. Those who want to explore mythological fiction can explore this book as its 358 pages make you wonder about the labyrinthine turns and twists.  Other books of author Christopher Doyle available at online bookstore .

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